Anodising is a process of finishing on aluminium in which the visual appearance of the metal is changed to be aesthetically pleasing. This visual appearance must have durability, particularly for exterior use. more information
The choice of finish and indeed the choice of finisher will affect the aesthetics and particularly the durability.
Different finishes and different finishers will influence the risk element of the particular product in use and it is this risk element which must be carefully assessed when choosing from the alternatives. more information

Applied to aluminium anodising is an electrochemical process, which converts the surface of the metal into its oxide.
The oxide film is grown by immersing the aluminium in a bath of dilute sulphuric acid and passing a current of approximately 150 amps per square metre (at approximately 20 volts) between the aluminium (the anode) and the cathode.

The film produced is porous, hard, transparent and can be coloured in
various ways.
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